here is the Parisian pharmacy where (finally) you can find Korean skincare products!

You only have to scroll for a few moments on TikTok to realize that the K-Beauty, the set of skincare and makeup brands from South Korea, is now at the heart of a global craze. More than just a trend, the use of Korean skincare products has become a real way of life for some… quite simply because the results on the skin are very telling, even miraculous.

On the famous social network in recent times, the titled testimonials “Korean products saved my skin” are multiplying while the crash tests of products designed by Korean brands are also viewed millions of times… The question we can then ask ourselves: why such enthusiasm around k-beauty in recent years?
First part of the answer: since the 2020 pandemic, the beauty routines and habits of women around the world have changed. If we are all looking for natural products, we are also looking for effectiveness to obtain a flawless complexion. Copying Korean women and their beauty routines in five, six or seven steps is no longer a problemas long as the result is there.
Secondly, a certain awareness around the effectiveness of Korean products on black skin contributed to the global craze for these products straight from Asia. It is in fact scientifically proven that the skin of Asian women and that of black women have the same characteristics, particularly with regard to thickness.. Certain so-called “European” products will therefore have less effectiveness on these skins which require the provision of ingredients that are certainly natural but more “powerful” to act. And since the Asian market is precisely designed for the skin of Asian women, black women only have to use K-beauty brands to finally obtain conclusive results on acne, pigmentation or the shine! Good to know, right ?

K-Beauty: zoom on Pharmacie Lariboisière, the new temple of Asian beauty in the heart of Paris
Although the K-Beauty offering is quite developed online, there is a certain lack of physical points of sale in France. On TikTok, a new address where it is now possible to obtain the most popular Korean skincare products is currently creating a buzz. This is Pharmacie Lariboisière, a drugstore located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

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Already known for its wide range of emblematic French treatments, this drugstore has become in just a few months the new HQ for K-Beauty lovers. A drugstore corner has in fact been developed to satisfy them: COSRX, Beauty of Joseon, Round Lab, Cos de Baha, Etude, Laneige and even Anua… all the biggest brands and all the skincare bestsellers Korean are there! More than just a point of sale, it has also become a “feel good” meeting place because the expert employees are there to give you the best advice and advise you on products to buy based on your problems and your needs. Your skin type. We are also told that masterclasses related to K-Beauty will soon be offered there, making it a true Asian temple of cosmetics in the heart of Paris.

Pharmacie Lariboisière, 5 Blvd Marguerite de Rochechouart, 75009 Paris

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