“Her ego…”, Sonia Rolland makes new revelations about the death of Geneviève de Fontenay

In 1999, Sonia Rolland

is elected Miss France. A waking dream for this young woman, aged 18 at the time, whose life has changed since her coronation. Moreover, she will evoke her life through her autobiographical film, An unexpected destiny

broadcast this Wednesday January 3, 2024 on France 2. A film for which she requested the agreement of the Miss France Committee, but also that of Geneviève de Fontenay.

However, the woman who died on August 1, 2023, will not appear in the feature film as explained Sonia Rolland in the podcast Shadows and lights

this Tuesday, January 2. Despite the absence of the Lady in the Hat, the latter still gave her approval to her ex-protege as assured by the latter. “As soon as she found out about the film, Geneviève told me: “I’ll lend you my hat!“It was so cute”remembered Sonia Rollanddelighted with this response.

But the ex-beauty queen “was sincere in explaining to him that his character would not appear”. quite simply because, at the time, “the candidates did not have access to her”, she clarified before continuing: “On the other hand, her right arm, nicknamed Madame Clochette because that’s how she brought us together, is wonderfully played by Clémentine Célarié!”.

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Sonia Rolland discusses the complicated end of life of Geneviève de Fontenay

If Sonia Rolland wanted to warn Geneviève de Fontenay, it is also because she had a special relationship with her before her disappearance. She remembers, for example, that “each year, after the four months of filming of the series (Tropiques critiques broadcast on France 2 from 2019)”She “came to see Geneviève”. “We had lunch together, I brought him his little strawberry tartlet and we had endless discussions all afternoon”she remembered.

However, Miss France 2000 regrets that at the time of filming her series, the Lady in the Hat “was starting to withdraw, to be sick and didn’t want anyone to see her like that.” “She left us without having seen the film”she regrets while finding a “positive” point in this disappearance: “but I think his ego wouldn’t have liked that we hadn’t developed his character enough”.


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