her darling is close to Britney Spears, Selena Gomez and Madonna!

It was in 2003 that the public discovered Sofia Essaidi

for the first time thanks to his participation in the Star Academy.

Aged 19, the young woman reached the gates of the final where she lost to Elodie Frégé. However, she did not come out as a total loser since she obtained great opportunities thanks to this media coverage. In fact, she starred in the musical comedy Kamel Ouali,Cleopatra.

If she put music aside, Sofia Essaidi

has not disappeared from the radar since she launched into comedy and obtained several roles in TV films. As for her personal life, the young woman is just as happy since she has shared her life with Adrien Galo for fourteen years. In a relationship since 2009, the actress very rarely talks about her relationship.

“In fourteen years, there are few photos of us in public. It seemed essential to me during all these years to protect us from this media hullabaloo. I think I did the right thing because after all this time, I I’m still just as in love with him and just as happy.”she explained in the columns of We both.

Sofia Essaidi has never hidden her desire to start a family.

After appearing with a small rounded belly last July, it is now official: Sofia Essaidi is pregnant with her first child. This was confirmed Gala who interviewed him this Thursday, October 5 on the occasion of the release of the cartoon The super Paw Patrol, in which she doubles Victoria Vance.

Who is her darling, Adrien Gallo?

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As for Adrien Galo, the latter is a model, gymnast, director and producer. It was notably during the musical Cleopatra that they met. The athlete notably won several medals. Sofia Essaidi’s darling collaborated with several stars including Britney Spears for the clip I wanna go and participated in her tour. He also followed Madonna to the 2013 Superbowl and The MDNA Tour. He has notably danced alongside Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez… just that!


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