Henry powerless, Katoto transparent, Le Sommer too alone… The scores of Les Bleues in the final against Spain

The French were completely overwhelmed for the first final in their history (0-2), Wednesday in Seville.

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There was no match. Completely dominated in intensity by much more technically fine Spaniards, the Blues did not exist in the Nations League final (0-2), Wednesday February 28 in Seville. Logically, the French women’s scores did not reach peaks for this first final in their history.

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin: 4.5/10

She can do nothing about the two Spanish goals. The Juventus goalkeeper, however, manages a few good outings at the feet (54th, 84th) and is attentive on a header from Irene Paredes (74th). In the first act, his kicking game did not help relieve the completely asphyxiated Blues.

Elisa de Almeida: 4/10

On the right of the defense, the Parisienne was overtaken by the Spanish attacks. Despite still being aggressive, Aitana Bonmati’s (32nd) first goal came from her lane. De Almeida raised his level in the second act, when La Roja was less sharp. In one of the rare French goal situations, she does not adjust her left shot – his bad foot (78th).

Griedge Mbock: 5/10

In the absence of Wendie Renard, the Lyonnaise held the house defensively. His reading of the game was good on the Spanish centers or to cut off a counter-attack in front of Athenea Del Castillo (70th). Less attentive to cover Salma Paralluelo (54th), wrongly flagged offside. Offensively, she was at the origin of one of the rare situations by pulling away to put a hot ball back into the area (78th).

Maëlle Lakrar: 3.5/10

She exuded much less confidence than her teammate in the hinge. Taken by the pressing and the movements of Salma Paralluelo, she did not excel on the restart either. In the right axis, she was not helped by the generosity of De Almeida in the first act. The Montpellier player, most of the time a substitute for Blue, is not used to the intensity of the Champions League or international matches, and it showed.

Sakina Karchaoui: 4/10

Cornered by Spaniards with very lateral play, the Parisian was rather solid in the first act. Her serenity, as when she handed the ball to her goalkeeper from the chest (30th), was good before the opening score. The second goal (53rd), for its part, however tarnishes its record. Neutral offensively.

Amandine Henry: 3/10

For her 100th selection, the Lille player was well placed to counter a point-blank shot from Salma Paralluelo (9th) and keep away a header from Aleixandri from a corner (45th+1). But Henry, short of pace, mainly ran into space and could have done better on the second goal. Replaced by Kenza Dali (58th)more prominent in a period where Spain slowed down, despite some technical errors.

Grace Geyoro: 3/10

Outnumbered against the Spanish trio in the middle, she could not do much alongside Henry. The Parisian spent most of her time defending and lacked sharpness on a few ball passes.

Selma Bacha: 3/10

She never made a difference either through the center or through dribbling. Very free in her positioning, she sometimes gave the impression of getting lost. His usual connection with Karchaoui on the left side did not work. Replaced by Amel Majri (77th).

Eugénie Le Sommer: 5/10

In a collectively catastrophic first period, she gave the impression that the danger could only come from her. The captain was willing and broke away from the pressure, but was, like her teammates, helpless. Caught on the wrong foot on a cross from Julie Dufour, she completely misses her inside foot on her own situation (82nd).

Kadidiatou Diani: 4/10

She sparked the French revolt in the second act, breaking away from Irene Paredes and crossing for Katoto (48th). One of the most dangerous on its right lane, with some differences, without leading to concrete opportunities. His ugly sole on Laia Codina (66th) could have been worth a card. Late to mark in front of Mariona Caldentey, alone on the second goal (53rd). Replaced by Julie Dufour (77th).

Marie-Antoinette Katoto: 3/10

The attacker missed her final. In a thankless match, we never saw her in a position to keep the ball to bring up the block. Weaned from balls, she was surprised by her only possibility in the area, Kadidiatou Diani’s center arriving behind her back (48th). Replaced by Delphine Cascarino (58th)much more impactful.

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