Hellfest: the rock event of the year


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What are the codes that surround the world of metal? A brief overview of the outfits seen during this Hellfest, which has become a high place of elegance for these gentlemen who take the opportunity to get tattoos or have their bard cut in a rather original way.

Hellfest is music, it’s a site with a decor worthy of amusement parks, but it’s also stands with people who take care of the look of festival-goers. This is the second year that this barber has set up shop in the aisles of Hellfest. “We obviously create according to the customer’s request and the styles too. It’s who is most in demand, it’s the beard size or the Hellfest logo in the hair” explains Arnaud Bagur, barber.

Everything is planned to fully live the experience

Next to the hairdresser, there is a tattoo stand with professionals from all over France but also from all over the world such as… Australia and Latin America. “At the very beginning it was a few tattoos here and there”remembers a regular. “Now, it can go up to four, even five hours of waiting”, notes the tattoo artist. There are also shops to dress up in Hellfest mode.

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