heavy fighting in southern Gaza



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War between Israel and Hamas: violent fighting in southern Gaza

War between Israel and Hamas: violent fighting in southern Gaza – (FRANCEINFO)

Heavy fighting is taking place in the north and south of the Gaza Strip. Several towns are affected, including Khan Younes. IDF ground operations are always supported by aerial or naval bombardment.

Almost daily scenes of life for two months for these Gazans: men looking for survivors in the ruins of certain buildings, after a new strike by the Israeli army. The injured are transported to overcrowded hospitals, where most of the time treatment is carried out on the ground. Very difficult conditions, which representatives of the UN and the WHO were able to observe. Humanitarian aid is arriving in trickles, but it is insufficient, according to NGOs.

85% of Gaza residents had to flee their homes

According to the UN, at least 17,400 Palestinians have already lost their lives since the start of the war and nearly 85% of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip have had to flee their homes. Foreign ministers from several Arab countries are calling for an immediate ceasefire. France, for its part, is requesting the opening of a second humanitarian access in addition to that of Rafah.

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