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Tuesday September 12, journalist and doctor Damien Mascret presents a therapeutic anti-lung cancer vaccine on the 20 Heures set. How does it work ? Answer.

Present on the 20 Heures set, Tuesday September 12, the journalist and doctor Damien Mascret evokes the “therapeutic anti-lung cancer vaccine” which increases the life expectancy of “some sick”. Thanks to this very well tolerated treatment, 44.4% patients are still alive, against 27.5% with chemotherapy. “It’s not yet synonymous with healing, but it’s still important because This treatment concerns patients with advanced lung cancer, with metastases.explains the doctor.

Revive “the memory of the immune system”

This therapeutic vaccine “consists of regularly injecting a dose of vaccine containing five tumor antigens. That’s why we’re talking vaccine, because we revive the memory of the immune system, as in vaccines against viruses, except that there, it’s against cancer cells”explains the specialist who recalls that this treatment is not aimed “only to people with a particular genetic profile, says HLA-A2″.

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