“He was very sick, almost blind…”, Loana announces that her father died in excruciating pain and explains why she refused to attend the funeral!

Loana is a fighter! At 45, the interpreter of “Like I love you” was able to find a balance after having lived through hell. Addictions, excesses and bad encounters orchestrated his downfall. For several months now, the singer has been moving forward with multiple projects that delight her. If the sidekick of Eryl Prayer has lost notoriety, she hopes to win back the hearts of the public. This Wednesday, June 14, 2023, the main interested party agreed to give her news to our colleagues from “Here is”.

While she was going up the slope, Loana recently learned of the disappearance of her dad. Of him, she does not necessarily keep only good memories. His relationship with the latter continued to be complicated. In the past, Loana’s mother has been the victim of countless violence on her part. Something that marked the main interested party forever. “He died this month“, revealed the star still in shock.

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“I had wiped the slate clean…”

But in recent years, father and daughter had managed to reconnect. Unfortunately, Mindy’s grandfather’s health deteriorated very quickly. “He didn’t want to see me, and I respect his choice. I had him on the phone. He didn’t want to see me becausehe didn’t want me to see him in the state he was in.” Loana added.He was very sick, almost blind and he had gained weight. He said to me: ‘I want you to keep the image of me that you had’. I haven’t seen him since and that shocked me.”

After his death, Loana did not wish to attend his funeral: “I didn’t go because was coming to fruition. For me, it’s still there. If he didn’t want me to go see him, I don’t want to see him as dead. I had him on the phone, he sent me very nice messages“. If the ex-acolyte of Steevy Boulay will never forget some of his actions, she has decided to forgive him:Me, I had wiped the slate clean. I keep this memory of my dad who was fantastic. I had a wonderful dad and I want to remember that […]”.


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