“He is sorry for not making us this happy” testifies the aunt of Jonathan Clauss

“We all believed it.” It sums up very well the state of mind of all the fans of Jonathan Clauss and the family also on November 10, at the start of the day, a few hours before the presentation of the French team selected for the World Cup in Qatar.
The OM defender, originally from Osthoffen, had participated in the last three gatherings of the France team. The hope of a selection was therefore legitimate.
Her aunt, Danièle, a loyal listener to France Bleu Alsace, told us about this day.

The cold shower for the whole family

“We were with the mother, the cousins, the brothers and sisters”, everyone was gathered in Osthoffen to follow the announcement of the list in the TF1 8 p.m. newspaper. Cold shower around 8:30 p.m., with non-selection, “even if indiscretions were already circulating in some media”, says Danièle, and that Jonathan Clauss was not on the list. “I also have Marseille friends who were very disappointed.”

As for the person concerned, “We spoke to him on the phone the same evening, he is disappointed” continues his aunt. “I think he’s more sorry for us for not giving us this happiness, but he’s had a fantastic year already.” Before concluding : “It’s not just football in life.”


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