“He hits, he goes crazy…”, Clara (“Star Academy”) witnessing scenes of violence from Julien? She breaks the silence

Is Julien violent? Since the start of season 11 of the star Academy, the young man is far from unanimous; if many viewers love it, others accuse him of possible violent behavior. Two sequences are criticized against him: the first after an evaluation that he had dedicated to his father on the song My pal by Daniel Guichard, and which he had missed. The young man left the assessment room furious, and seemed more upset than ever with himself, trying as best he could to channel his emotions in front of the wall… The scene was cut in the Live, and the young man returned to the castle after several hours…More recently, another scene has caused a lot of talk, in which we discover Julien’s hand covered in blood.

After numerous rumors spread on the Internet, and which Julien’s sister firmly contested by threatening her brother’s detractors to sue them for “public defamation” and/or “online harassment”, the reality was shown in the daily newspaper of January 9, 2024 on TF1: Julien inadvertently broke a CD in his hands, and was slightly injured. More fear than harm ! But then, is the young man very impulsive and violent? ? In an interview with Jeremstar, Clara, eliminated at the gates of the tour, who worked with the young man for almost two months, wanted to put an end to the rumors.

“When he’s angry, you can feel it, and then it goes away”

“Not at all. Julien is very nice, he’s a sweetheart. It’s just that basically, he’s a very impulsive person, but against himself. He is someone who really wants to do well, who has a monstrous desire to succeed, and like many, when he does something he doesn’t like, and who is not proud of himself. , well you can feel it, because unlike some people, we sometimes managed to hide it (…) Julien, you can feel it more in his face, because he wants to do well, but he doesn’t It’s not violent, please. He never killed anyone Julien, he never hit anyone, he’s a love. It’s just that when he’s angry, you can feel it, he shouts a good bit, and then it goes away, but he’s a very nice person.” declared the young woman, who also appealed for kindness by asking her fans to stop harassing Candice, and vice versa.

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