“He can put this explanation deep in his behind”, pissed, Loana smashes a columnist of “TPMP”!

Loana still worries her fans as much. Certain physical particularities of the pioneer of reality TV lead them to believe that she is doing badly, very badly.

The main interested party then ended up speaking in a very long message published on her Instagram account, this Wednesday, September 21.

“To answer all your questions about my eyes and all the publications on them, I took a photo that I had posted before a few days ago and where you can see the color difference even better: no, I haven’t lost a lens, no to everything I’ve read. I’m fine, I just have mismatched eyes after a personal shock”she began by explaining to her subscribers, on the famous social network.

“After a week of sleep after several bouts of spasmophilia, (these are very, very strong anxiety attacks due to illness and nothing else) I came to my senses with these different colored eyes. Nothing happened. explain but that’s how it is and I finally love”continued Loana, determined to restore her truth.

As for her teeth and speech, which also make people talk so much, the starlet is categorical: “For my teeth, fuck Benoit Dubois who had better look in a mirror and have his IQ assessed before speaking… I’m moved to talk to you again after these difficult years, that’s why sometimes I search for my words, I never do it again several times a video to keep the first one which for me is the most sincere and without thinking, with the heart and not to be perfect… So his dental prosthesis story, no, finished, because I prefer to return or be in my excesses than I stopped for years, he can put this explanation deep in his behind to be polite !!!!!!”

“In Dubai, there is a company that offered to pay for her teeth (…) she made a first trip (…) they put her in a temporary cast (…) when they called back to come back and put on the permanent one, she never got back on the plane and went back to her faults. That’s why she kept the temporary one. That’s why it didn’t is not fixed and that it moves (…) she has not finished the work”, had indeed revealed Benoit Dubois in TPMP people a few days ago.

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