“He can make me laugh after love”, backstage crush!

The former “Loft” starlet is back in the spotlight 21 years after her television success on M6. After long periods of doubt, major health and couple problems, the former go-go dancer would now like to find her way back to TV sets and in particular that of “TPMP”. At the microphone of Jordan De Luxe this week, she did not fail to recall that she would be a formidable columnist, in particular concerning the subjects of reality TV: “There is no one better than me to talk about it ” she clearly launched to her interlocutor. The latter, very interested in this possible comeback, reminds him that Cyril Hanouna had already offered him to become a faithful of his daily round table.

“He is a man who “become handsome” and… “sexy!”

What the ex bimbo agrees by emphasizing: “yes, he has always been nice to me”, without giving more details. But where Jordan seems to be taken aback is when Loana starts talking about Cyril Hanouna, not professionally, but as… her new crush! Finished his big crush on Guillaume Genton! The host of “Virgin Radio”, who had already devoted two documentaries to the beautiful blonde, obviously never responded to his advances. Suddenly, Loana decided to take an interest in someone else, especially funnier, in the person of the flagship presenter of C8. “Cyril makes me laugh, because I tell myself that if something has to happen, the day when maybe…” Because he is a man who “become handsome” and… “sexy!”. The lofteuse goes even further: “I tell myself that it’s someone who could make me laugh, before, during and after… love!” Because what seems to matter the most today for the buxom 45-year-old star is to “laugh at everything”: “I want someone who makes me laugh all the time, and he makes me laugh, and I find him sexy”, she says, in adding that a position as a columnist would be an ambition for her who finally feels ready. But, lucid, she nevertheless admits: “Afterwards, I suspect that there must be 200 people knocking on the door (…) j would love to.” The message is in any case clearly sent… and it is a safe bet that Cyril Hanouna will not fail to answer him very soon!

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