“Have you heard or not?”, Vincent Cassel declares his love for Eva Green in “C à vous” and blushes

After the success of the first part of Martin Bourboulon, The three Musketeers return to theaters on December 13, 2023 for an “episode” dedicated to Milady, the main enemy of the musketeers. Fact,
Vincent Cassel
François Civil, as well as
Eva Green
interpreter of Milady, were invited by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine
on the set of C to you

this Monday, December 11, 2023 to discuss this new project in which they play the main roles.

In addition to discussing the feature film, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine wanted to know more about the relationship between the actors. The opportunity for the journalist to return to a statement by Romain Duris’s sidekick with regard toEva Green. “Vincent, you say that Eva doesn’t look like any other actress. Maybe she looks a little like you?”she first recalled before the main person concerned retorted: “I hope to be like her but I never say things like that in front of her”.

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Eva Green, touched by the compliments of Vincent Cassel, she praises him

Precisely, the main interested party, although present on set, did not notice the nice compliment from her partner. “Did you hear what he said about you or not?”, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine then called out to her. Surprise, Eva Green by force Vincent Cassel repeated his words: “If I were an actress I would love to be Eva Green”. Very touched, the main interested party then indicated that it was the “best compliment I’ve ever had in my life”. Enough to make the 57-year-old actor blush.

“I didn’t think I’d see you blush one day Vincent!” the presenter of the daily newspaper then joked France 5 before asking Vincent Cassel to develop. “It’s true that it’s a bit of a ready-made sentence”, he initially admits. In reality, Tina Kunakey’s supposed ex-boyfriend likes the side “instinctive” of his partner who makes certain scenes and certain moments unpredictable. “It’s a great compliment because for me he’s the one who is very instinctive”then returned Eva Green to his neighbor by pointing to his side “formidably animal”. A great understanding between two actors.


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