have experts said that the Covid vaccine is dangerous?




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A video circulating on social networks shows a conference of experts explaining the harms of the anti-Covid vaccine. What is it really?

For the past few days, a video supposed to warn about vaccines has been shared thousands of times, in particular by a MEP from the national rally. We see people dressed in white coats and seeming to hold a conference. “The most recent data show that you are more likely to be infected, sick, or even die if you have been vaccinated, compared to those who have not been vaccinated”explains one of them.

These experts call themselves “Global covid submit”. Their video actually dates from May 11. One of them is Robert Malone. He worked on messenger RNA in the 80s, before changing fields. Since then, he has been spreading false information about the dangerousness of the vaccine. On the video in question, we see behind Ryan Cole and Lynn Fynn, known figures of the antivax movements in the United States.

How can everyone be better informed?

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