Guillaume and Noémie (Love is in the meadow): “It’s not healthy”, revelations about the couple and warnings (SPOILER)

This year in Love is in the meadow, Guillaume is one of the favorite candidates of viewers. Her shy nature and her big heart quickly conquered the fans of the program but especially her contender Noemie. During the stay at the farm, the magic had very quickly worked between the young breeder of suckler cows and Label Rouge poultry in New Aquitaine and the 28-year-old Ch’tite. Thus, after letting go of his second suitor Margot, Guillaume could begin to free himself.

But the progress of their relationship was smooth to say the least. Indeed, very intimidated and lacking in experience, Guillaume found it difficult to express his feelings, multiplying his awkwardness in spite of himself. When visiting Noémie in Nord-pas-de-Calais, an argument had also broken out for this reason. But fortunately, he had had the opportunity to catch up during a romantic weekend in Mallorca where their budding love was consolidated.

Monday, November 7, it is therefore quite natural that the farmer landed on the arm of Noémie against Karine Le Marchand for the assessment, already visible on Salto. Everyone was then able to analyze their experience, with the good and bad sides. For Noémie, there are still a few points to settle for their relationship to be lasting. “I accept the fact that it takes him more time to express things and to be able to understand his feelings, but afterwards he has to verbalize, I could not always be in giving without receiving. If he takes all my energy and I find myself always waiting for something, it’s not healthy.“, she confided.

Thus, the beautiful brunette who has encountered weight problems in the past is waiting for her darling “to gain more self-confidence“.”It’s going well but there are still awkward words, he’s not the most delicate but it can be corrected, that’s fine“, she nevertheless remains optimistic. work in progress which does not prevent them from having projects, including that of moving in together. “With her job I know she can’t leave overnight but in a year maybe she will be with me“, hopes Guillaume, who also dreams of starting a family but above all of getting married. “A year ago, I would never have thought that I would meet Noémie or be so happy with her.“, he let go, crying with emotions to conclude.

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