Gilles and Philippe Lellouche not supported by their father, he wanted them to apply for La Poste!

The two Lellouche brothers are incredibly lucky: that of having both succeeded as actors. The eldest, Philippe Lellouche, and his youngest, Gilles Lellouche, achieved two magnificent careers, on opposite paths from each other. However, nothing predestined these two Franco-Israeli children to become two celebrities, and their own father had done everything to prevent them from achieving their dreams. Guest of A Sunday in the Country this December 3 on France 2, the ex-hero of the series Clem revealed with emotion the complicated bonds he forged with his fatherwho dreamed of him as a postman at La Poste, and who did not want him to become an actor.

“My father was very worried because he had two sons who wanted to be acrobats. Regularly, he called us into his office to explain that it was better that we go back to La Poste” he confided, before continuing: “One day he said to us: At La Poste, they are recruiting general receivers, you will take the examand here I can’t laugh because my father can give me a pie even at 25…” The father of Gilles and Philippe Lellouche believed so little in their artistic success that he even predicted the worst for them: “You’re going to end up tramps!” Words that the two brothers have never really forgotten, as demonstrated by the touching confessions made by Philippe Lellouche to Frédéric Lopez.

“I made two UFOs and it worked”

Fortunately, Philippe and Gilles Lellouche were able to count on the unwavering support of their motherwho, even if she did not necessarily believe in their dreams, had confidence in them, and supported them: “My mother came to save us every time, he was helpless.” But fortunately for the two brothers, a few years before his death, their father had time to discover that he was wrong, and that his two children each shone in a different register, and succeeded where so many others before they had broken their face. The same year, Gilles Lellouche was appointed to César for Most Promising Maleand Philippe Lellouche is appointed to Molière for best comic play.

“I see all the pride in my father’s eyes, we are overjoyed, it’s a dream (…) I saw my father looking at us and saying to himself: I made two UFOs and it worked. Fortunately, because he died four, five years later. When it worked, there were posters of us all over his office, he was super proud.” remembered with great emotion the 57-year-old actor, who we could find in recent months at the cinema in 2 with Philippe Lacheau and Elodie Fontan, and Simone, the trip of the century with Elsa Zylberstein and Elodie Bouchez.

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