“Get me out of here!”: Nathalie Simard returns to the adventure

Eliminated last week, Nathalie Simard made a triumphant return to the Costa Rican camp of “Get me out of here!, Sunday evening.

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While she had said goodbye to her accomplices, the singer and host was able to find her camper friends thanks to the withdrawal of a new candidate who was to join the camp along the way.

From the start of the episode, hosts Jean-Philippe Dion and Alexandre Barrette announced to the campers that they would have elimination leave, but that they would henceforth form two separate groups, the blue group and the orange group. . The latter, made up of Colette, Andréanne, François and Rahmane, was also treated to a tasty banquet for his victory in the first challenge.

After the second challenge, the duo of animators announced that a new camper who was about to enter camp had to pack up because of health problems. The adventurers therefore had the opportunity to vote anonymously to bring Dino Clavet or Nathalie Simard back to camp.

“Baby, the jungle is calling me”

The singer and host had left “Get out of here!” last week, following the elimination challenge where she had to estimate, relying only on her affected senses, the number of mice locked in a box. Of the 68 mice in the wooden crate, she only counted 45, but believing it was a trap, her final answer was 15 rodents instead.

During her brief stay outside the jungle, during which she was able to take a hot shower and eat her fill, Nathalie had access to conference calls with her loved ones. She was able to announce to them both her elimination and her return to the camp.

“My daughter broke down in tears. […] My boyfriend froze, but I said to him: “Baby, the jungle is calling me”, she told the rest of the gang on her return, stressing the importance of the spirit of conviviality and siblings. which was created in the camp.

Confidences and emotions

After their remarkable performance in the second challenge of the evening, which consisted of circulating boxes above the river, without dropping them, using only oars, Livia and Colette were able to unpack an object that was close to their hearts. heart: a camera and a fan.

Jean-François Mercier, for his part, opened up to the other campers about the death of his father, which occurred when he was only 4 years old, and about the fears that this loss caused him.

Olympic medalist Marianne St-Gelais, who has been conditioned to always win, was vulnerable against the group after losing the first challenge. Moved to tears, Marianne expressed her desire to tame defeats in order to humanize herself.

The reality show “Get Me Out of Here!” is broadcast on TVA every Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

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