Géraldine Maillet knocks him out in “TPMP”!

The outspokenness of singer Renaud continues to hit the bull’s eye. As part of his new tour “In my strings”, the singer has agreed to speak with our colleagues from “Parisian” this Sunday, April 30, 2023. The opportunity for the happy father of two children to bounce back on countless topics. In particular on his private life, his aspirations and his future projects. At 70, the ex-husband of Romane Serda has found a taste for the stage again… And he is doing like a charm!

“I quit alcohol two and a half years ago,” affirmed the icon. “I’m a bitch. I play sports, I have a coach in Paris. The rhythm of three concerts a week, that suits me.” Finding his fans on stage gives him an immense source of happiness on a daily basis. “Legs that flagellate, a cat in the throat, but no tears”, underlined Renaud who had nevertheless sworn to move away from the spotlight. “I was bored. I had the desire to move, to return to hotel rooms, concert halls, to find my audience.”

One thing leading to another, the interpreter of “Morgane de toi” also opened up about his new companion Catherine, whom he affectionately nicknamed “Cerise”.“Her arrival in my life changed everything. I’m madly in love. She’s been following me for thirty years, but we met for the first time six years ago on a TV set”, said Renaud. If the main interested party mentioned this love story, he also spoke about politics.

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“The political class despairs me…”

On the question, Renaud has decided to be much more discreet. “The political class despairs me, I don’t even want to criticize it anymore”, dropped the singer-songwriter. Asked about the pension reform, Dave’s sidekick expressed his anger: “It’s bullshit. The whole of France is against it and Macron maintains it”. His regret? To have voted – last year – for the current tenant of the Élysée during the presidential election!

A clear-cut opinion on which Cyril Hanouna and his team debated on the set of “Do not touch My TV” this Tuesday, May 2, 2023. Unlike Lino and Bianca’s dad, Géraldine Maillet was not convinced by his position: “To date, no singer or actor is going to say that he is happy to have voted for Emmanuel Macron, it is not very courageous”. “Renaud, he is brave all the same because he says so”, replied the troublemaker of the PAF to defend the one he has always admired.


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