“Gérald Darmanin was right to initially ask for their bans”, believes Renaissance MP Benjamin Haddad

The majority member agrees with the remarks of the Minister of the Interior. “We know that these demonstrations, in the past, could have been hijacked by Islamists,” declared Benjamin Haddad.


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Benjamin Haddad, Renaissance deputy, at the national assembly on February 6, 2023. (VINCENT ISORE / MAXPPP)

Gérald Darmanin was right to initially ask for a ban on these demonstrations“, said Renaissance MP Benjamin Haddad on franceinfo, after a demonstration in support of the Palestinian population was held on Thursday October 19 in Paris. A gathering initially banned, before the administrative court authorized it.

“We need national unity in our country,” comments the MP.“We know that these demonstrations in the past could have gotten out of control, could have been hijacked by Islamists.”

Benjamin Haddad explains: “Last night [jeudi 19 octobre], Place de la République, we could hear people chanting ‘Allah Akhbar’. It is a dangerous Islamist provocation because it was the cry of the terrorist who assassinated Dominique Bernard“.

“Hell” for the families of French hostages in Gaza

Concerning the French hostages held in Gaza, Emmanuel Macron promised the families that France would do everything “so that they return safe and sound to France“.”It is a very strong gesture from the President of the Republic to have spoken with these families who are going through a nightmare, a hell“, greeted the MP.

Finally, on the controversy launched by Gérald Darmanin on the footballer Karim Benzema, whom the minister accuses of maintaining links with the Muslim Brotherhood, Benjamin Haddad believes that “everyone must show moderation and balance in their comments“. According to him, Karim Benzema is “an influencer” in front “to weigh [ses] words when [il] talks about a situation that affects our fellow citizens“.

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