Gad Elmaleh reframes Natacha Polony, major discomfort live in “C l’Hebdo”

The situation is still dramatic in Morocco since the country was hit by a powerful magnitude 7 earthquake on September 9. If the results show more than 3,000 dead and more than 5,600 injured, residents are mobilizing to help those most affected and those most affected by the tragedy. Guest on the set of the show C l’Hebdo this Saturday, September 16, 2023, Gad Elmaleh once again spoke of the tragedy, he who rushed to help the citizens of his native country.

“Everyone does what they can, as they want, and as they see fit. I believe it is important to remember this in France, where we sometimes believe we can give lessons to an entire country. J ‘hear a lot of comments on the way in which Morocco should behave, on the conduct of the government, on the role of his majesty the king… All this is of no interest, it’s pride, it’s is selfishness. When we help, it’s because we extend a hand” he said, referring to criticism of the silence of King Mohammed VI and the fact that Morocco refused financial aid from France.

“I am not Franco-Moroccan”
In a sequence that is currently creating a buzz on social networks, we hear journalist and columnist Natacha Polony ask Gad Elmaleh this question: “Does this make things difficult for a Franco-Moroccan like you, in these circumstances?”. Noé and Raphaël’s dad then cuts him off to respond: “I am not Franco-Moroccan. I am an immigrant to France and I am Moroccan. And I love France deeply, like an immigrant loves France and respects it!”. A bit annoyed he continues: “I’m not a diplomat, I’m not torn at all! Today I have a mission which is to help my country, the rest is none of my business!”.

A scathing clarification which caused discomfort live in the show… and which delighted Internet users: “Bravo Mr Gad Elmaleh!”, “Jamel Debbouze would never have had the courage to say that”, “Well spoken Gad!”, “It feels good to tell the truth without hypocrisy”, “Frankly respect”, “Sa response is exceptional” can we read for example.

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