“Gabriel Fauré, Complete piano music”, Lucas Debargue

Knowing that Alpha has put the complete chamber music in a 6-CD box set (Alpha 1055), we now have several layers to enter into piano music: the nocturnes of Éric Le Sage (1 CD), the rich coupling of Barcarolles and Nocturnes by Marc-André Hamelin in 2 CDs and this complete set (4 CDs), the main interest of which is a chronological journey of the works which allows us to accompany Fauré’s creative process. There are therefore no nocturnal or barcarolles and “the rest”, but a progression by opus numbers: a perfect choice. Debargue is not in the momentum of Le Sage, more in the weight of Hamelin, but with a piano that sounds much clearer, a little less rich in its foundations. It is the choice of this instrument (Stephen Paulello factor) with its intoxicating high notes (or soulful, depending on the perspective) which becomes somewhat the focal point of the project, by placing Fauré in a light, outside the enveloping and mysterious character of his music . We are convinced by musical intelligence, not by sound concept.

Gabriel Fauré

★★★ 1/2


Complete music for piano, Lucas Debargue, Sony, 4 CD, 19658849882

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