Gabriel Attal evokes “Vladimir Putin’s troops” by pointing to Marine Le Pen



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Tense exchange between Marine Le Pen and Gabriel Attal

Tense exchange between Marine Le Pen and Gabriel Attal. – (FRANCEINFO)

The Prime Minister recalled “the positions that are yours” vis-à-vis Russia in response to a question from the leader of the far-right deputies.

A tense exchange. Prime Minister Gabriel Attal judged, Tuesday February 27, that there was “reason to wonder if Vladimir Putin’s troops [n’étaient] not already in our country”, specifically targeting Marine Le Pen in a skirmish with the leader of the National Rally deputies in the Assembly. The member for Pas-de-Calais questioned the head of government about Emmanuel Macon’s statements on the war in Ukraine. The head of state declared not to rule out the possibility of sending Western troops.

“Emmanuel Macron has taken a further step towards belligerence, posing an existential risk to 70 million French people, and more particularly to our armed forces already deployed in eastern Europe.”

Marine Le Pen, deputy of the National Rally

during the question session to the government

“I am told that it is in the interest of humanity. But what is this divine right which has made France the soldier of all just causes in the world, while the only existing world empire, the United States, refuses to do so against them?she quipped. “You were waiting for the first opportunity to recall the true loyalties that are yours” And “show the true face of yourself”retorted the Prime Minister.

“If you had been elected, we would be supplying weapons to Russia”

Gabriel Attal estimated that “when we read the surveys that are carried out”like that of Washington Post on December 30, accusing the far-right party of persistent ties with Moscow with a view to weakening support for Ukraine, “there is reason to wonder if Vladimir Putin’s troops are not already in our country”. “I’m talking about you and your troops, Madame Le Pen”continued the Prime Minister.

“When we look at the positions which are yours, which have been yours, you defended a military alliance with Russia (…) only two years ago. It was in your program for the presidential election”observed Gabriel Attal again. “If you had been elected in 2022, we would be supplying weapons to Russia to crush the Ukrainians, that’s the reality.”

“We almost believed it when we heard you, with the greatest cynicism, pay tribute to the memory of Alexeï Navalny while your deputies refused to vote on the texts which were proposed to the European Parliament in support of this Russian opponent who died in jails in Russia.”

Gabriel Attal, Prime Minister

in response to Marine Le Pen

Regarding Emmanuel Macron’s comments, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stéphane Séjourné, tried to clarify the French position. He assured that the presence of Western troops in Ukraine would not cross “the threshold of belligerence”. Faced with Russia’s aggressiveness, Westerners must “consider new actions to support Ukraine”assured the tenant of the Quai d’Orsay, referring to operations such as mine clearance, cyber defense or the production of weapons on Ukrainian territory.

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