Furiosa – A Mad Max Saga | In the rearview mirror of Fury Road

The engines rumble a little less in Furiosa – A Mad Max Saga that in Mad Max – Fury Road, released in 2015 – but which follows it chronologically. Fans of high-speed pursuits, have no fear, George Miller’s latest creation still takes place largely on long desert roads.

This new installment is – almost – as amazing as its predecessor, which won Oscars for editing, artistic direction, costumes, makeup and hairstyling, sound editing and sound mixing. Those of the special effects and the cinematography had escaped him, although these aspects of the film, which is almost 10 years old, are remarkable. It’s the same for Furiosa. However, its strong moments do not reach those of Fury Road the bar was so high. On the other hand, the postapocalyptic environment is just as overwhelming and the whole thing is more immersive. The music of Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, and the energetic editing of Margaret Sixel, wife of George Miller, contribute once again.

Where this prequel stands out is in its more in-depth narrative.

On the one hand, we trace the story of a young Furiosa who, without being the main character of Fury Road, was his soul. Brilliantly played by Charlize Theron as an adult, the role is played here by Alyla Browne then Anya Taylor-Joy. With panache and a vulnerability hidden by engine grease, not to mention a steady gaze, the two actresses show how the legend of Empress Furiosa was formed, from her stolen childhood to her rise in the ranks of Immortan Joe (Lachy Hulme, who takes over from the late Hugh Keays-Byrne).

Struggle for control of the Wasteland

In this fifth feature film in the Mad Max universe, George Miller and his co-writer Nico Lathouris also add to the mythology of this society obsessed with “guzzoline”. We understand, among other things, why the Citadel is dependent on its tanker (the famous war rig) for its supplies to Gas Town, where the refineries are located, and to Bullet Farm, to stock up on ammunition. Control of these three fortresses is the key to the power of the Wasteland.

This is also what Dementus (Chris Hemsworth, very convincing under his nasal appendage), leader of a group of nomadic bikers, discovers. His men kidnap Furiosa as a child while she lives on the Green Earth. They will never find this oasis of abundance, but will end up at the Citadel. A rivalry between Joe, who dominates the place, and Dementus will arise from their first meeting. Furiosa, more used than appreciated by both, will try to forge her own path. The tanker driver, Praetorian Jack (kindly Tom Burke), will take her under his wing.

The Max Mad universe has existed since 1979. After four films and comics, we are delighted that its creator is exploring it beyond the vehicles that speed by. Aware of the few possible nuances between the survivors of a planet destroyed by man, George Miller carefully balances the time spent deepen the characters and immerse them in the action. We love his films for the adrenaline they provide. That of Furiosa is just a little less focused.

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Furiosa – A Mad Max Saga (VF: Mad Max – Furiosa)


Furiosa – A Mad Max Saga
(VF: Mad MaxFuriosa)

George Miller

Starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Alyla Browne, Chris Hemsworth

2:28 a.m.


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