Freshly arrived at the bookseller

Among all the books that have recently arrived in bookstores, here are a few that caught our attention.

Aitnanipan. “This is how we lived”Serge Jauvin

While Serge Jauvin’s photos are on display this weekend at the Quebec International Book Fair, we can relive through this documentary work his long stay with the Innu of Unamen Shipu (La Romaine), during the 1980s. This story about the last nomads of the North Shore is a unique and intimate testimony of Innu know-how which illustrates, in images and words, life in the community and on the ancestral territory.

Aitnanipan.  “This is how we lived”

Aitnanipan. “This is how we lived”


450 pages

American autobiographyDany Laferrière

Ten texts by the writer and academician are brought together in this edition which he himself prefaced and in which he recalls how, already 40 years ago, he dreamed of writing this first novel which would take him out of the factory and would make him famous. We find there as many of his great classics (The enigma of the return, I am a Japanese writer) that titles like Party at Hoki’s Or The child who watches, which paint a literary portrait of the path he has traveled over the last four decades.

American autobiography

American autobiography


1298 pages

Personal developmentOlivier Bourdeaut

Lacking inspiration, the author of the best-seller (adapted for the big screen) Waiting for Bojangles undertook to go “back to the source” by recounting his complicated childhood, his short chaotic schooling and all the odd jobs he had to do before finally launching into writing. A journey down memory lane between frankness and self-deprecation.

Personal development

Personal development


167 pages

The Knight family, volume 1 – A generation in the windJean-Pierre Charland

Here is a new trilogy for fans of historical novels which begins with this first volume in 1966, while a wind of social change brings its share of upheavals within the Chevalier family.

The Chevalier family, volume 1 – A generation in the wind

The Knight familyvolume 1 – A generation in the wind


376 pages

Land of our ancestorsNicole Lussier

Still in the vein of the historical novel, we go back here to 1666 in the footsteps of Jacques Lussier who, at the age of 20, left Paris for New France and a few years later welcomed a contingent of the King’s daughters.

Land of our ancestors

Land of our ancestors

Saint Jean

476 pages

Fourth WingRebecca Yarros

It is said to be the current phenomenon book among fantasy fans. In this first volume, the courageous Violet Sorrengail must try everything to succeed in becoming a dragon rider.

Fourth Wing

Fourth Wing

Hugo Roman

400 pages

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