French support for kyiv has “no limits”, Emmanuel Macron tells political parties

Emmanuel Macron told party leaders on Thursday March 7 that there is no “has“no limits in support for Ukraine”according to two participants in the meeting organized by the Head of State at the Elysée, Thursday March 7. These meetings occur ahead of a parliamentary vote, and after the president raised the possibility of a military presence on the ground, which revived divisions before the European elections. Furthermore, the Republicans will vote on Tuesday on the security agreement on Ukraine debated in the Assembly, while the RN has not yet decided the question and must discuss it internally, according to information from France Télévisions. Follow our live stream.

The RN in the viewfinder. Government spokesperson Prisca Thevenot judged on Wednesday “quite obvious that the National Rally” was not aligned with the position of the executive, which is to “refuse that Vladimir Putin wins”. Traveling to The Hague, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal also accused the RN of “support Russia more than Ukraine”. “Don’t let the nationalists in. They were already at war. Now they are defeating Russia”insisted Emmanuel Macron to his government.

The sending of troops, a divisive subject. The head of state estimated, on February 26, that sending Western troops to Ukraine should not “be excluded”, in order to make it clear to Vladimir Putin that everything will be done to ensure that he loses this war. Emmanuel Macron was not supported by the European and American allies, who almost all distanced themselves from this position. However, the President of the Republic persisted, judgingt “necessary” to shake up his allies to take back “the initiative”.

Vote in Parliament. The French strategy must be the subject of a debate, followed by a vote, in Parliament: Tuesday in the National Assembly, Wednesday in the Senate. The head of state asked the government to make a declaration before Parliament “relating to the bilateral security agreement concluded with Ukraine” on February 16, followed by a debate and a vote.

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