François Legault, a weak and unconvinced leader

I see all these CAQ advertisements presenting François Legault as a great leader and I can’t help but think of his promise to implement a mixed proportional voting system. If there is proof that François Legault is not at all a great leader, it is this one.

The promise had been solemnly made. The implementation of the mixed proportional voting system would finally reduce the cynicism of voters by demonstrating that things could be changed, not in order to keep power, but in order to improve democracy. Such a Parliament would oblige the party representatives to no longer act as competitors in an alley fight, but with the hope that they act rather as benevolent collaborators, working to improve the conditions of all Quebecers.

But here we are, François Legault reneged on his promise because of his thirst for power and not to alienate the backbenchers who are afraid of losing their seats; those same backbenchers who glorify him with varying degrees of skill in those highly touted advertisements.

To save face, Mr. Legault indicates that there is no appetite among Quebeckers to change the voting system, when it is his duty as a leader to offer constructive solutions to known problems and to convince Quebecers of this, rather than taking advantage of this anomaly to maintain its majority.

As for fueling cynicism about politicians, Mr. Legault can now boast of being a great champion. Some will say that he and his party have been busy with the pandemic still in progress and that he could not have implemented this reform. This is not the case since the CAQ has rather had time to put in place a strategy to drown the fish.

weak excuse

Others will say that it is not a priority and that we must focus on the economy. That would be a weak excuse, since the economy is largely dependent on global movements and there is nothing more important than improving democracy to make the right decisions for the nation you represent.

For the implementation of the representative voting system, Mr. Legault had all the tools in hand. In this case, he cannot blame Justin Trudeau by following his usual strategy to make him carry the opprobrium for certain inactions. Moreover, he is more of a carbon copy of Mr. Trudeau, who reneged on that same promise, in a show of smoke, at the federal level. Trudeau and Legault, the same fight for cynicism towards politicians, for the fear of losing power and seats and for inaction in order to improve our democracy.

If all Quebeckers wanting to penalize the cynicism of politicians agreed not to vote for the CAQ, while voting rather than abstaining, perhaps we could finally change things on this subject and prove that strengthening of democracy is a priority.

I am always looking for a strong political leader with real convictions that he will put before his desire for immediate popularity. Despite what they would have us think, this leader is not François Legault.

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