François Hollande decorates one of the most famous presenters of TF1: she is lynched

Friday March 1, 2024, Isabelle Ithurburu

was decorated with the National Order of Meritat the rank of knight. The flagship host of TF1 had the privilege of receiving this medal from the hands of the former President of the Republic, Francois Hollande, in the presence of his loved ones. A moment that the journalist did not fail to share on social networks.

“Very very special moment”she wrote under a series of photos taken during the ceremony. “So happy to have been able to share this with you”she added while tagging Marie Madeleine and Auguste Ithurburu “and with those who accompanied me until then…”

“Some will surely wonder why me, me first. I consider having had more luck than merit in my journey so far… But if I have been able to encourage vocations in other young women, or change certain mentalities in sport, then so much the better.” concluded the host before thanking Julie Gayet’s husband for his words. A publication which sparked strong reactions.

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Isabelle Ithurburu lynched on the Web

“Before when this distinction had meaning… because there was merit in courage, an act of bravery, putting one’s life on the line…! Not just doing TV”, “Sorry but we give it to everyone now”, “You disappoint me, nurses, home helpers, caregivers, doctors deserve more than you would have had to give up if you had a little recognition”we could notably read in the comments.

Fortunately, Isabelle Ithurburu was also able to count on the support of her admirers who were quick to come to her defense. There is always jealousy. In any case I find that it is deserved for the entire service and the very professional copy that is produced. Well done Isabelle. Good luck for the rest of your very promising career. Let the jealous speak, wrote an Internet user. Despite the criticism, the one that now drives 50′ Inside

has something to be proud of.


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