François Damiens in the shoes of a hitman in retraining



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V. Gaget, S. Gorny, M. Barrois, J. Martin, I. Palmer – France 3

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“Les Complices”, with François Damiens, will be released in theaters on Wednesday April 12. He plays a crazy hitman, who has a terrible fear of blood.

In the movie The partners in crime, Max is a contract killer without qualms, until the day he is taken ill. Two kind neighbors will then help him to convert. “We are in the absurd, it’s a guy who kills people as he would tie his shoelaces. Them, they are super nice, we want to be the child of their couple“, explains François Damiens, who plays Max.

François Damiens against employment

They train him to join a call center, and curb his natural impulses. “The film is a bit of an initiatory journey, where he will learn to say no, and to position himself perhaps a little better in life.“explains Willial Lebghil, who plays one of the neighbors. François Damiens excels in this counter-intuitive role.”He has a humanity that sweats through all the pores of his skin“, says Cécilia Rouaud, the director, about her.

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