François Damiens: Fired from a plane and escorted by the police, he remained stranded in France

Will he be deprived of the end of year celebrations in Belgium, his mother country? While trying to return home on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 after a brief stint in the city of Paris, François Damiens was cut off in full swing. He wanted to take the plane to return to Brussels. Corn boarding would have simply been refused, according to information from Closer magazine, “because of his excessively high blood alcohol level“. It is always happy hour somewhere on the planet.

No scandal for François Damiens who would have accepted without complaining about the captain’s decision. The actor, hero of the film The Aries Family, was disembarked then escorted by the police. He would have remained under surveillance for about an hour so that the alcohol level in his blood could be regulated. According to the magazine Close, always, François Damiens, good player, would have offered to the police to have breakfast with him. Obviously, this sympathetic proposal could not be accepted in full service.

François Damiens would have finally taken a taxi to return to the hotel. Hopefully he has since found another plane ticket to return to Belgium. The actor with a thousand jokes lives in Brussels, this city so dear to his heart. It is in his Plat Pays that the 48-year-old comedian and humorist resides with his two sons Jack and Jimmy. Difficult, on the other hand, to know if a companion awaits her return like that of the Messiah. In September 2019, Louane’s fictitious dad appeared with a certain Gaëlle during a gala dinner given in favor of the actions of the association Un Rien C’est Tout at the Rodin Museum in Paris. But he has not appeared on the arm of this pretty blonde, with the angelic smile, since. Discretion, modesty or rupture?

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