franceinfo junior. How to fight against school bullying?

The children of franceinfo junior talk about school bullying in today’s show. To answer them: Emmanuelle Piquet, essayist specializing in the difficulties of children in schools.


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The government must present before the end of the month a plan to combat school bullying, a phenomenon which affects one in ten students, according to its estimates. A subject that concerns the children of the Étienne-Dolet school in Alfortville, in the Paris region. To answer their questions, franceinfo junior invites Emmanuelle Piquet, therapist and essayist specializing in children’s difficulties in school. She is also the author of the book I stand up against bullyingpublished by Albin Michel Jeunesse.

To start the show, Sirine would first like to share her point of view on the subject: “I think that the person who is harassed is really not good for them. Sometimes the words hurt more than a kick. It’s really horrible.” Regarding harassed students, Violette asks: “Is it generally in middle school that we start to bully? But if it’s a case of kindergarten for the youngest, will the youngest dare to talk about it?” She also talks about the fear of denouncing the harassment we witness, “for fear of being harassed in turn.” On solutions to put an end to harassment, Ulysse questions on the microphone: “Why before was it the one who was bullied who changed schools?”

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