franceinfo junior. How many people are helped by Restos du Cœur?

On the occasion of the launch of their winter campaign, franceinfo junior welcomes Yves Mérillon, spokesperson for Restos du Cœur.



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The Restos du coeur launched their winter campaign on Tuesday, November 21. We talk about their work to help the most deprived in franceinfo junior, with CM2 students from the Etienne Dolet school in Alfortville in the Paris region. The apprentice journalists ask their questions to Yves Mérillon, spokesperson for Restos du Cœur.

At the franceinfo junior microphone, Elsa wants to know “how many people come to ask for food?” The guest replies: “This year, we have 1.3 million”, a rising figure, “200,000 more people in one year”, he specifies. Sirine continues on the microphone: “How many Restos du coeur are there in Île-de-France?” asks the schoolgirl. “What is the approximate amount of donations we give you?” asks Elsa. Violette wonders if the Restos du coeur have a lot of volunteers. Amel’s turn to speak: “Will there be enough products to feed all the people in need?”

On this page, listen again to this Franceinfo junior program on Restos du coeur.

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