France inaugurates its first wind farm at sea, but remains behind its neighbors


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Visiting Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique), Thursday, September 22, to inaugurate France’s very first offshore wind farm, Emmanuel Macron said he wanted to speed up on the “renewable projects”. In this area, the country is indeed behind its European neighbours.

Thursday, September 22, Emmanuel Macron was in Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique), to inaugurate the very first offshore wind farm in France. This type of park will multiply in the country. It took ten years for the Saint-Nazaire park to see the light of day. It is made up of 80 wind turbines about fifteen kilometers from the coast. They are 190 meters high. The park is capable of supplying electricity to 700,000 people.

Besides Saint-Nazaire, six parks should see the light of day by 2027, and five more by 2031. Emmanuel Macron is aiming for a total of 50 parks in 2050. The president said on Thursday that he wanted France to go “twice as fast, at least, for renewable projects”. Is it possible ? The sector says it is ready, and the sea poses no geographical obstacles. However, France is clearly behind its neighbors. In Germany, offshore wind capacity is 15 times greater.

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