France arms the Netherlands, migrants die in Türkiye



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Eurozapping: France arms the Netherlands, migrants die in Turkey

Eurozapping: France arms the Netherlands, migrants die in Turkey


Like every evening, the 11 p.m. news news takes a look at the news broadcast by European television channels. It’s Eurozapping on Friday March 15.

The Netherlands trusts France with its new submarines. Four submarines for the Dutch army, a historic contract worth several billion euros. It was the French public company Naval group which won the market ahead of the Germans and the Swedes. “They made the best offer by offering the best boat, at the best price, with a very strong participation from Dutch companies.”, underlined the Secretary of State for Defense. The four frigates are expected to be delivered within the next ten years.

22 dead in Türkiye

On Rai, a new biography of the pope. His childhood, a fleeting love during the seminary, the refusal to resign despite fragile health, the controversy over the blessing of homosexual couples, over 350 pages, Pope Francis opens up to an Italian journalist. A book to share your experience which will be released Tuesday March 19.

In Turkey, 22 migrants died at sea. The tragedy occurred off the Turkish coast, 50 km from a Greek island. An inflatable boat overturned. 22 people including seven children drowned. Since the start of the week, the Turkish coast guard has rescued or intercepted several hundred migrants attempting to cross to Greece. The number of migrants trying to enter European soil would have more than doubled over one year, in January and February.

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