four TikTok accounts to follow to review the philosophy test

Teachers or philosophy students give fun lessons on this social network, in addition to classroom learning. A good way to train before the dreaded event.

What if digging into your philosophy classes wasn’t just about plunging your head into books? ? A few days before this emblematic baccalaureate test, which is to take place on Wednesday June 14, TikTok can be a formidable ally for revisions. Because the Chinese platform is not only a concentrate of humorous videos and wacky challenges. Its codes (keep it short, dynamic and creative) also make it possible to explain complex knowledge. Franceinfo goes around the accounts of philosophy teachers to follow on TikTok in this final stretch.

1Caroline Giraud Philosophy, the most academic

Caroline Giraud ( @carolinegiraudphi) offers different video formats to her nearly 44,000 subscribers. In three minutes flat, this philosophy professor gives advice on how to boost your score (how to get more than 14 in the essay or text explanation test?) as well as lessons to review the 17 notions of the program ( truth, freedom, language…). Caroline Giraud also dissects dissertation topics in alphabetical order of these concepts.

This teacher in Charleville-Mézières (Ardennes) initially published videos mixing her two passions, philosophy and pop culture. But as the 2022 baccalaureate approached, her subscribers suggested she look into the program for the exam. “When I started making videos, one of my STMG classes [sciences et technologies du management et de la gestion] said to me: ‘Great, we’ll be able to revise with your videos because in class, we don’t understand and on the videos, we understand! she told the microphone of franceinfo last year. A new form of learning that she continues to promote as the 2023 baccalaureate approaches.

2Serial Thinker, the most followed

Professor of philosophy in a high school and at the University of Strasbourg, Lev Fraenckel ( @Serial Thinker) also presents the main concepts of the program in videos. It also analyzes quotes from great authors to make the best use of them in a dissertation. Some of his videos have a more offbeat approach. He cites, for example, the work of Jean-Paul Sartre to answer this question: “I Does philosophy have anything to say about sex?

To sum up the whole program, Serial Thinker released an hour-long video on YouTube. Building on his success on the internet, the teacher has also just released a book, The Philo in Serial Thinker mode (Practical Hatchet). With France 3, he detailed in November 2022 his conception of education. “We stuff them with knowledge from morning to night without them having asked for it. Whereas when they go on the internet, they ask a question by themselves, and that’s the answer to their question. That’s it which interests me”, explained the tiktoker to the 173,000 subscribers.

3Philosophavia, the most original

Gabrielle Pozzo di Borgo ( @philosophavie) is studying philosophy in the second year of a master’s degree. In her videos, she popularizes the subject by multiplying references to pop culture. Via manga characters, she illustrates usually complicated philosophical concepts. It is based in particular on Itachi Uchiha, a character from narutowhich she presents as “a great pacifist”to define utilitarianism to its 18,000 subscribers.

“I find that the manga and the philosophical work coincide in an extraordinary way and it touches the heart of the saga and who Naruto is: someone good”, she describes below another video entitled “Naruto or how to be a good person”. A fun way to be knowledgeable in both areas at the same time.

4Felhur X Andro, the most melodic

Revise your philosophy with five “punchlines” (shock sentences) from Nekfeu? This is what, among others, Felhur and Andro ( @felhurxandro) offer to their 163,000 subscribers. Their concept: a philosophical reference explained through a pop culture reference, while rapping. Along with quotes from rap artists, they use movies like Star Wars Or Princess Mononoke to analyze the thought of the greatest philosophers.

Felhur, the group’s rapper, is also a professor of philosophy. Andro is a composer. “It’s really writing that led me to rap. I first tried to write novels, I wrote poetry, plays. In fact, it’s the work of words, the love of letters that led me to listen to rap. And not listening to rap that led me to do it”reveals the first to the cultural media Feather.

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