For the first time, Matthieu Delormeau smashes Cyril Hanouna and Bernard Montiel whom he accuses of lies and of having “killed TPMP people”!

The last season of Do not touch My TV was marked by many departures. Delphine Wespiser, Matthieu Delormeau and now… Benjamin Castaldi. Even Béatrice Rosen made the decision to leave the adventure. Touched in the heart, Cyril Hanouna therefore wanted to thank his little proteges as it should be for the last of the show and the presentation of the Top 5 columnists. “I just want to say that it’s a completely subjective Top 5 and everyone had an exceptional year. Just because you’re not in the Top 5 doesn’t mean you haven’t had a great year. … It’s just the columnists who talk a little more and are more present, so I want to thank you all”, he launched in full live.

Subsequently, the troublemaker of the PAF had a very special thought for those who will not return next season. An opportunity for the father of Lino and Bianca to evoke, for the first time, the departure of Matthieu Delormeau. There are other columnists of whom we think of course. Matthieu Delormeau who spent part of the year with us, Benjamin whom we kiss hard, Béatrice Rosen, Delphine Wespiser… All those who participated, we think of them! These are the four that come to mind first. We give them big, big kisses. They contributed to the success of TPMP too. Thanks to them ! And frankly, they also had a very good year.” he said with emotion. Words that obviously did not please the former host of the Mag from NRJ12.

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Matthieu Delormeau settles his accounts

This Friday, June 23, 2023, Matthieu Delormeau took to his social networks in order to settle his accounts once and for all with his former colleagues. “I live my life, happy with projects, I don’t tweet, I keep everything to myself, I don’t comment on my pain at having seen Montiel kill TPMP People, but I ask for the same correction from others. Thanks to Figaro, you elected me (and it touched me so much) best TPMP columnist with 54% out of 35,000 votes and an interview for the winner. But in TPMP, Raymond is the winner. He even made a speech! So either Le Figaro, which reconfirmed its poll lied, or… I let you judge. But in case one person doubts, here is the proof of the ranking. It’s your support that touches me… the rest. Astonishing that the chroniclers free and informed have missed out on the info. Yet gilles who ‘investigates’ and obtained 8% in the real viewer survey must have investigated badly for once. It probably happens.” Atmosphere…


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