For the film The Notebook | Britney Spears Audition Surfaces

Video of Britney Spears’ audition for the film The Notebook appeared on the internet. This unveiling comes on the eve of the publication, Tuesday, of the singer’s memoirs in which she says she does not regret a career as an actress.

On screen, Britney Spears looks intimidated at first. Then, seconds later, she’s already practically in tears, recoiling from hurtful love. These images are from over 20 years ago, during an audition for the role of Allison Hamilton in the film The Notebookby Nick Cassavetes.

Britney Spears didn’t get the role. Rachel McAdams styled her at the finish line and played against Ryan Gosling. What the pop princess doesn’t regret, according to the magazine Peoplewho published excerpts from his memoir due out Tuesday under the title The Woman In Me.

“It was pretty much the beginning and end of my acting career,” she said, also speaking about the film. Crossroadsin which she starred in the early 2000s. Although it would have been the fun to reconnect with Ryan Gosling after the Mickey Mouse Club days, I’m glad I didn’t. If I had done it, rather than working on my album In the Zone, I would have behaved like a 1940s heiress day and night. »

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