For Noé, son of Dany Boon and Judith Godrèche, his mother “a burden” since the revelations? “It’s very difficult…”

No more going back. On January 6, Judith Godrèche broke the silence on her relationship with Benoît Jacquot. And for good reason, the actress revealed that she had sex at 14 with the director when the latter was 40 years old.

A testimony on social networks followed by legal action. And for good reason, the 51-year-old woman has since filed a complaint for “Violent rape of a minor”. A legal step taken by other women since.

“It’s not easy at all for my children”

Invited on the airwaves of RTL This Tuesday, February 13, 2024, Judith Godrèche confided in herself the consequences of her revelations on her personal life, and particularly her family life.

“I try not to be a burden for my children or rather not to make them bear the weight of what I am experiencing”she declared while reading an open letter to Tess and Noé, her children whom she had with Maurice Barthélemy and Dany Boon respectively.

And to add: “It’s very difficult for them. I don’t want it to become their daily life at all and I think our lives are very invaded by it at the moment. They support me, but I would also like them to be able to think of something else, talk of something else, that their mother’s fight does not prevent them from living their lives as young people today anyway. It’s not at all easy for my children. I don’t want to ask them to be my parents.”


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