for Mathilde Panot, “the government uses secularism with variable geometry”

Every Friday, in the show #OnVousRépond, Gilles Bornstein receives a political personality to comment on the news of the week and give a voice to spectators who can directly ask their questions to the guest. Friday September 22, Mathilde Panot (president of the LFI group in the National Assembly) was received on the franceinfo set.



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#OnYouRépond @GillesBornstein (Franceinfo)

Mathilde Panot, president of the LFI group at the National Assembly, was invited to answer questions from viewers and Gilles Bornstein on the set of the interactive show “#OnVousRépond”, Friday September 22.

Asked about the presence of Emmanuel Macron tomorrow at the mass celebrated by the Pope, Mathilde Panot points out:a form of hypocrisy of this government which uses variable geometry secularism“.

The president’s decision to attend the religious ceremony is pointed out by some as an attack on secularism, established by the law of 1905 which separates the Church from the State and guarantees religious freedom.

The president “will not be able to show adhesion to religion”

Nicolas Cadène, former general rapporteur of the Observatory of Secularism and co-founder of the Vigie de la Laïcité, explains that the president has the right “to attend a mass as part of one’s official duties because it is a political or diplomatic opportunity“, but “he will not be able to show adhesion to the cult“There is no question, therefore, for the Head of State of taking communion or crossing himself.

The Elysée underlines above all the diplomatic significance of the president’s presence in Marseille, recalling that Pope Francis “is also a head of state“, in this case from the Vatican.

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