For his 1 year, Leyann, the son of Nabilla and Thomas destroys his birthday cake!

A year more. This Monday, June 5, 2023, Leyann, youngest son of Nabilla and Thomas Vergara blows out his very first candle. For the occasion, the young parents now settled in Dubai pulled out all the stops. Ball pool, bouncy castle, wedding cake. The little boy was given a 5-star birthday. And who says birthday, necessarily says photo shoot. True to form, the 31-year-old influencer chose to immortalize the event with a shoot of her youngest. Shooting that she did not hesitate to share on the Web… to the delight of her fans.

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One year already

On the first shot, we can thus see the young boy in the arms of his mother. All smiles, Leyann’s brother is over the moon. After posing with his mother, the latter was photographed alone with balloons all around him. And finally, it was with a cake in his name that the toddler had the opportunity to play. A cake which unfortunately had a sad fate since the son of Nabilla did not fail to destroy it by plunging her pretty little mimines into it. A publication that melted internet users.

Indeed, many of them commented on the post of the former reality TV candidate. “Happy birthday”, “Already! He is so handsome, happy birthday”, “He looks like two drops of water to his big brother”, “Too cute”, “He looks too much like his father”, “The photos are magnificent”, “The portrait of his mother this child”, “A multitude of good things for your son”, could we read in the comments. Happy birthday Leyann!


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