Food: a company buys plants from individuals to make herb pots


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France 2 – V. Heurtel, P.-Y.Salique, G.Allanic, A.Belderrain

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As part of the “An idea for France” section of 13 Heures, journalist Valérie Heurtel looks back on French initiatives. Thursday, September 28, a company that buys plants from our gardens, including wild ones, to make herb pots is in the spotlight.

In Périgord, the company “The garden is the recipe” buys plants from private gardens, including wild plants as long as they are edible, to transform them into herb pots. Gregory Mouillacamateur gardener, cultivatesoregano, but also sage or even mint and verbena. Her pick is Aurélie Carrilloco-founder of the company, who bought it. She makes broths and pestos which she sells in pots. What she mainly looks for is weeds.

Consume local

Once dried, a kilo of nettles or bay leaves sells for 50 euros. The use of chemicals is prohibited. 400 amateur gardeners participate in this initiative, which helps preserve the planet by consuming local. Alternatives which are sold between six and ten euros. Present on the 13 Heures set, Thursday September 28, journalist Valérie Heurtel returns to other initiatives to make ends meet, such as the site Avekapetiwhich delivers dishes cooked by amateurs under the supervision of a chef.

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