Flu and COVID-19 Vaccination | Already more than 90,000 appointments made

Health Minister Christian Dubé announced that more than 90,000 appointments for a vaccine against the flu, COVID-19 or both have already been made on Thursday alone.

Of this number, 65,000 people chose to protect themselves against both diseases at the same time, the minister rejoiced on Twitter on Friday.

Remember that the vaccination campaign against influenza and against COVID-19 (Moderna) will begin on October 2 for people in CHSLDs, residences for the elderly and seniors’ homes. The vaccine will be offered to the general population starting October 10.

Only during the press conference on this subject given Thursday by the Dr Luc Boileau, national director of public health, around 19,000 people connected to the Clic Santé site, indicated to The Press the office of Minister Dubé. “Between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., there were still 15,000 people on the website, this is close to the highest traffic in 2021,” we were told.

During the day of Thursday, a total of 90,868 appointments were made by Quebecers wanting to protect themselves against COVID-19, the flu or to receive both vaccines. Of this number, 64,706 people opted for the co-administration of the two vaccines.

A total of 16,086 more people have made appointments for a COVID-19 vaccine alone. And 10,076 individuals chose to protect themselves against the flu only.

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