Florent Pagny shaved head: first appearance since the start of chemotherapy

The situation in Ukraine remains disastrous and the French people are mobilizing as best they can to support the people beset by Vladimir Putin’s army. On March 8, 2022, on France 2, many artists met during a broadcast shot live to sing and call for donations. Jane Birkin gave voice, as did Carla Bruni, Julien Clerc, Zazie, the members of the Indochine group, Pascal Obispo, Barbara Pravi – who represented France at Eurovision in 2021 … or even Florent Pagny, who came to contribute to the building despite his alarming state of health.

Well yes, yes I will be there. I can still sing!

Suffering from an inoperable tumor discovered at the start of the year, Florent Pagny began chemotherapy sessions a few weeks ago. A treatment which should extend over six months… but which fortunately does not prevent him from singing! Weakened but positive, he explained to TF1’s 8 p.m. newspaper last February that he was in shock: When it’s taken from the start and it’s very isolated, I only see the good side of things. I started chemo and it’s going pretty well, I’m coping pretty well.” That’s why he came to interpret the title If a song on France 2, a tremendous message of hope addressed to Ukraine. The singer, 60, did not hesitate for a second to join the adventure despite the fact that he had “other occupations“.

It’s for a good cause, it’s so sadsaid the father of Inca and Aêl. When I received this message to ask if I would be fit enough to come and support Ukraine, to draw some attention to call for donations… well yes, yes I will be there. I can still sing.“Without mentioning his cancer too much, Nagui wished him”the best of healths” by thanking him for going to the set of the show United for Ukraine. Like all his sisters and colleagues, Florent Pagny had agreed to sing voluntarily. Nagui and Leïla Kaddour, at the presentation, also donated their fees to the Red Cross…

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