first for Morgane Bourgeois at the back, Carla Arbez renewed at the opening with the Bleues to challenge Ireland

Traveling to Cork on Saturday for its second match in the Tournament, the XV of France will field a team close to that which won in Italy last week.

We take, almost, the same ones and we start again. While the XV of France moves to Cork in Ireland, Saturday April 1 (at 4.15 p.m., live on France 2 and on management composed of Gaëlle Mignot and David Ortiz revealed the composition of his team, Thursday, March 30, to face a dryly beaten team in the opening against Wales (31-5).

Only two changes are to be noted in the French starting lineup, victorious last week in Italy (22-12). On the front line, Clara Joyeux (25 years old, 37 caps) takes the place of Assia Khalfaoui (23 years old, 10 cmapes) to the right of the scrum. The latter will take on the bench. At the back, Morgane Bourgeois (20) will wear number 15 for her first selection. Emilie Boulard (23 years old, 20 caps), holder in Parma last week, leaves the field and even the score sheet.

Among the substitutes, Elisa Riffoneau (19) joins the group of 23 for the first time, following the withdrawal of Rose Bernadou (23, 10 caps), injured in training. A youth that makes its place and highlights the training work carried out in France according to coach Gaëlle Mignot, “This is a new step for our team which is in the process of being built. We are integrating again two young players who have been training with the group for 2 years. It is also the culmination of the work done in our academies for several years.

The hinge composed of Pauline Bourdon (27 years old, 46 caps) and Carla Arbez (23 years old, 1 cap) therefore remains unchanged, as does the pair of centers Gabrielle Vernier (25 years old, 33 caps)-Marine Ménager (26 years old, 37 wrappers). On the wings, Caroline Boujard (29 years old, 47 caps) continues her return to grace, while her club teammate, Cyrielle Banet (29 years old, 23 caps) will also be a new starter.

This continuity in the team should allow Les Bleues to create automatisms to meet the challenges offered by Ireland, according to Gaëlle Mignot. “Faced with the powerful Irish pack, we will continue to rely on our strengths, namely defense and conquest, it is important for us to continue to validate our progress in these sectors.”

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