Firearms seized from Alain Delon

(Rennes) Seventy-two firearms and more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition were seized during a search of the home of French actor Alain Delon, the prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday, which opened an investigation into illegal possession of weapons.

The 88-year-old star, seriously ill, “did not benefit from any authorization allowing him to possess a firearm”, underlines the prosecutor, Jean-Cédric Gaux, in a press release.

The film Full sun by René Clément (1960) had revealed Alain Delon internationally, as Rocco and his brothers (1960) and Cheetah (1963) by the Italian Luchino Visconti, or The swimming pool by Jacques Deray (1969).

The search took place last Thursday following a report from the guardianship judge on February 8: the agent responsible for the legal protection of Alain Delon noted during a visit that the actor possessed a firearm, explains the magistrate.

They also noted the existence of a shooting range on the property of the actor, a great amateur and collector of firearms. He sold his weapons collection at auction in 2014.

Extremely rare in the cinema since the end of the 1990s, the actor made headlines in the summer of 2023 when his three children filed a complaint against his companion, Hiromi Rollin, sometimes described as his companion, suspecting abuse of weakness .

Since the end of January, the actor, who suffers from lymphoma, has been placed under judicial protection. Justice has appointed a legal representative responsible for assisting him in his medical follow-up, at the heart of a virulent conflict between his three children, Anthony, Anouchka and Alain-Fabien.

The question of the presence of weapons in the Douchy property, where the actor would have indicated he wanted to end his life, was the subject of a new round of accusations between Anouchka and Anthony.

“The worst,” explains the actor’s daughter in an interview with the magazine She“it’s that although Anthony and Alain-Fabien know that I hate weapons – it’s my father’s thing, with virility from another age, he has quite a collection – they walk around armed in the house […] My brothers think they are in the Wild West.”

The eldest sibling quickly responded on Instagram, calling his sister’s interview “disastrous”.

“Let’s talk about guns,” he replies. “You spent the summer shooting a Glock (pistol) with your favorite, ex-GIGN (elite gendarmerie unit, Editor’s note) and head of security in Douchy, to finally bring the gun home to Geneva.” in memory of dad”. For someone who hates weapons, you seemed very brave and “talented” according to him.”

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s been a long time since I went around armed and (I) solved this ridiculous identification problem which cost me quite a lot in the past,” he adds.

In May 2019, Alain Delon returned to taste the lights of the Cannes red carpet to receive an honorary Palme d’Or.

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