Femicide by Rebekah Harry | His spouse Brandon McIntyre guilty of manslaughter

Killed during the 2021 femicide wave, Rebekah Harry didn’t stand a chance. In an extremely violent beating, her husband threw her onto a crib before beating her. Brandon McIntyre got away with manslaughter on Wednesday.

“Look at your face, look at your fucking face. You know it’s your fault, right? “spit Brandon McIntyre, beating up the young mother on the night of March 19 to 20, 2021, in Montreal.

The 34-year-old man’s second-degree murder trial was scheduled to begin in early May at the Montreal courthouse. Brandon McIntyre, however, cut court proceedings short by admitting his guilt on Wednesday to a reduced count of manslaughter.

“Guilty,” he whispered into the dock, as the judge asked him to speak louder. He thus most certainly avoids a life prison sentence.

The feminicide of Rebekah Harry, in a context of domestic violence, shocked Quebec in 2021. Hundreds of people took part in a march in her memory in downtown Montreal in the following days. On Wednesday, many of his family members were present to attend the hearing.


Sarah-Lise Harry and Teddy Frenette, sister and brother of Rebekah Harry

“We can’t put into words how much it tears a family apart,” whispered her sister Sarah-Lise Harry, alongside her brother Teddy Frenette. In front of the media, she wanted to pay tribute to her little sister, the youngest of a tight-knit family of six children and a dozen grandchildren.

“She was a good mother, she had an extraordinary joy of life. She was a girl of fashion, of fashion ! She was still laughing. These are all elements that we miss immensely. It was one in a million “said Sarah-Lise Harry.

An extremely violent attack

On the evening of March 19, 2021, Rebekah Harry and Brandon McIntyre went to an ex-girlfriend of the accused to dance and drink alcohol. Around 1 a.m., the tension mounts when the victim insists on sleeping on the same sofa as the accused. Brandon McIntyre gets frustrated when the victim throws a bag of marijuana in his face.

During the night, Brandon McIntyre freaks out when he realizes that Rebekah Harry is in the ex-girlfriend’s room. Furious, he insults the victim and punches him in the face. He takes her by the arms and throws her onto a bassinet. Brandon McIntyre then kicks him (stomp), as she tries to shield her face with her hands. She begs him to stop, but he keeps hitting her.

The ex-girlfriend tries to stop the attacker, but he pushes her away. Brandon McIntyre then lifts Rebekah Harry by the shoulders and throws her to the ground twice. She hits her head violently on the ground. The ex-girlfriend is in shock. She asks the assailant to stop. He then leaves the room saying, “That’s enough.”

Around 4 a.m., the ex-girlfriend calls a taxi. But Rebekah Harry refuses to board and decides to go to bed on the sofa, where she falls asleep.


Me Jasmine Guillaume, Crown Prosecutor

” I’m sorry. What has my life become? What’s my problem? “, then cries Brandon McIntyre, seated next to the victim.

Later, the ex-girlfriend hears the accused throwing up. She sees Rebekah Harry lying face down on the sofa. It was then that the ex-girlfriend realized that blood was coming out of the young woman’s mouth. She already had no pulse when the police arrived, around 7 a.m.


Me Kaven Morasse, attorney for Brandon McIntyre

According to the pathologist, Rebekah Harry’s death was caused by at least one blow, but “more likely” multiple blows to the head. Why then is it not a murder since the accused admits having attacked the young woman?

“It’s a question of intent that we demonstrated for second degree murder versus homicide. The evidence showed that Mr. certainly intended to cause injury to Madam, but not the intention to cause death, “explained the Crown prosecutor, Ms.e Jasmine Guillaume, in a press scrum.

The parties will present a joint sentencing suggestion at the next hearing on May 11. Me Kaven Morasse defends the accused.

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