Faustine Bollaert victim of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Michel Drucker saved her at the last minute

She is the favorite host of the French. In a ranking published in TVMAGhost Faustine Bollaert, who hosts the shows on France Télévisions It starts today, It’s worth it, Prodigies, Pop Prodigies And The secret box, ahead of Karine Le Marchand, Delphine Wespiser and even Karine Ferri and Sophie Davant. Revealed by the reality TV Dilemme broadcast on W9 in 2010, the host managed to progress, going from a simple reality TV host on TNT to a brilliant stream host on M6, as The Best Pastry Chef, then successful public service shows. A success such as The Parisian, TF1 tried to poach her a few months agobut Maxime Chattam’s partner declined the offer submitted to her.

Interviewed by Léa Salamé in What era this Saturday January 27, Faustine Bollaert returned for the first time to the sexist bullying and trauma she has suffered since she started in the audiovisual industry. Modest, the one who is used to making others talk came to the table for the first time, and revealed with emotion that she had suffered attacks, but was afraid of reprisals if she were to one day make them public:I obviously experienced ordinary, daily sexism, remarks about low necklines, inappropriate hands, proposals for promotion on the couch. ; I’ve been asking myself this question for quite some time. I don’t know if I have the courage today to tell today what I was able to do (…) I’m afraid of the consequences, really. I feel fragile speaking out on this topic. I don’t know if my shoulders are strong enough for that.” explained the 44-year-old host.

“We feel the difference between the heavy insistent and the predatory insistent”

Ulcerated to see that the hashtag #MeTooMédias did not have as much influence and repercussions as #MeToo, regretting that her colleagues did not dare to speak and denounce the facts that they too suffered, Faustine Bollaert revealed a traumatic episode that she lived with the politician Dominique Strauss-Khan few years ago : “A politician was very incisive with me. He scared me. Michel Drucker arrived in the dressing room of Studio Gabriel at that time, and fortunately he arrived, because I was starting to get scared. He was insistent, and we feel the difference between the heavy insistent and the predatory insistent.”

Fortunately, Michel Drucker, who very quickly understood that Faustine Bollaert was frightened and trapped in a dressing room which had until then been closed, did not hesitate to open it and ask his columnist at the time about Looking forward to next Sunday to join him: “Michel intervened, he immediately opened the door, and he immediately saw in my eyes that I needed to be freed from this momentand he immediately invited me to follow him, and I admit that I was very relieved.”

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