Faustine Bollaert reveals her brother’s body, Christophe Beaugrand is ecstatic: “OMG, it’s a bomb”

Christophe Beaugrand Looks like you’re having a great Sunday! The host of TF1 and who can now be found daily in Good morning, Bruce Toussaint’s morning news, was amazed when he discovered Faustine Bollaert’s brother. The host actually posted on her Instagram account a photo of the vacation at the start of the year that she shared with her brother on the open sea, celebrating 2024 under a blazing Mediterranean sun. And obviously, Christophe Beaugrand, who is married to Ghislain Gerin for several years already, and father with the latter of a little Valentin, remained silent upon discovering the protruding body of his colleague’s brother !

“OMG but your brother is a bomb” exclaimed the one we will soon find in a new season of Ninja Warrior dedicated to the format’s world champions. A comment which did not go unnoticed, and which was liked hundreds of times, and commented on a lot by the host’s subscribers: “Hot Christophe lol”, “Thank you for saying it out loud”, “We’re all on the same page!”, “Christophe, did you see that, it hurts your eyes”. Unfortunately for the host and journalist, Charles is already settled, since he is in a relationship with a videographer and influencer followed by more than 550,000 fans on Instagram, and who was revealed by reality TV The Princesses and Princes of Love : it is Clemence Andanna !

Bad start to the school year for Faustine Bollaert

Returning from vacation for Faustine Bollaert proved difficult. Since Monday January 8, 2024, the host of It starts today suffers from new and increased competition, since it now finds itself facing More beautiful life, even more beautiful on TF1. The adventures of Thomas Marci, Estelle Cantorel and Djawad Sangha fascinate, and achieve real audience successes, thus clearly weakening the testimonial magazine of France 2 which until now was shining: the TF1 series captured the attention of an average of 2.72 million viewers all week, i.e. 27.8% market share of the entire public and an exceptional 41% on women responsible for purchases under the age of fifty (roughly nicknamed housewives). In front, Faustine Bollaert drinks the cupand fell this Wednesday to 1.04 million faithful for only 4.9% of housewives…

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