Faustine Bollaert forced to intervene in front of a guest from “It starts today” who talks about the murder of her daughter

Emotional and very difficult moment to come in It starts today. Times when Faustine Bollaert

and viewers are nevertheless accustomed to it every day of the week, from 1:50 p.m. on France 2. But
Benjamin’s testimony

risks upsetting a lot of people. This young man is none other than the father of Estelle, a little girl aged 3 whose life was taken by her own mother. Indeed, on November 12, 2020 in Lozanne (Rhône) against the backdrop of a breakup with her ex-partner, she killed their daughter with more than 350 scissor cuts.

This Monday, November 27, 2023, Benjamin was invited to testify by Maxime Chattam’s partner. He returned to the moment when he discovered the body of his daughter, still alive, with her partner at her side. “I push the door to our room and there I see… she was on her back, I see the blood. All these blows… And I see a black shadow leaning over her: it was her mother. I see the thing, I I don’t understand. I say to him ‘what’s going on?’ There she turns to me and says ‘it was you who did this, you wanted to separate us'”he said.

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Benjamin’s ex-partner, judged “irresponsible for her actions”

Subsequently, Benjamin tried to get his daughter back, whom his ex-partner did not want to let go of. This gave rise to a violent argument between the two. Benjamin explains that he managed to pick up his daughter to go to his neighbors. “The neighbor calls the fire brigade and I tell him to close the door because my partner “is dangerous”. It was my neighbor Nico who started doing the cardiac massage”he tells Faustine Bollaert before continuing: “Then the firefighters arrived and what’s more, I knew one. It was Franck, and I told him ‘you have to fucking save her’. The SAMU arrived, connected the heartbeat device and he was beating”.

At that moment, Benjamin collapsed on the set of It starts today. Forcing Faustine Bollaert to interrupt the intervention and come to his side. Once he regained his senses, Benjamin added: “But right after that they told me it was over. Once they told me that, I couldn’t even walk, I crawled towards Estelle, I kissed her and I Said I’ll always be there for her”. On November 16, almost three years to the day after the tragedy, the Lyon investigating chamber declared the mother, Sandra L., irresponsible for her actions. One more tragedy for Benjamin.


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