Farid Khider announces that Gérard Depardieu is stopping cinema

Gérard Depardieu has decided to hang up. While for several days, videos showing him on vacation in Dubai alongside influencers and the boxer Farid Khider are a lot of talk, the latter was Cyril Hanouna’s guest this Saturday February 10 in his new weekend show Facing Hanouna. The former candidate of The Celebrity Farm made a point of denying certain rumors, which suggested that these videos were very recent, and gave news of his friend, the target of strong media attacks and legal proceedings for several months, accentuated by the broadcast of a report from
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vitriol in early December 2023.

According to Farid Khider, his friend Gérard Depardieu made a firm and categorical decision: despite the offers that he would continue to have, the septuagenarian would have decided to hang up definitively with the cinema, and would thus end a career of fifty years. The comments are solely those of the boxer, and have not been confirmed by the person concerned. In recent years, Gérard Depardieu has toured in Retirement home with Kev Adams, Umami with Pierre Richard and The green shutters with Benoît Poelvoorde and Fanny Ardant. But today, the cult actorAsterix and Obelixof the Waltzes and of Shut up would have decided to hang up: Today, he has even put aside cinema. He doesn’t want to turn anymore. He doesn’t want to anymore. For him, cinema, shooting, is a joy, it’s his life. But when there is no morale, there is no longer the desire, we give up.”

His lawyers would prevent him from speaking

Today, Gérard Depardieu would not be in his best form, and would remain secluded in his Parisian apartmentrefusing to see his loved ones according to Farid Khider: “Today, he is not well. He does not want to talk, he is (…) not well, he is having a hard time. Today, there is a relentless media attack on him (. ..) they make tons of them” regretted the 48-year-old boxer. Above all, Gérard Depardieu’s lawyers have ordered him not to speak publicly, and to remain silent in the face of all the information that comes out concerning him:It’s radio silence, he doesn’t want to talk to anyone (…) He has his advice which tells him that he must avoid, there is no point in feeding, there is nothing to gain”.

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