Famous TV host wants to see Meghan Markle ‘naked’ and ‘covered in poo’, backtracks and FINALLY apologizes

December 8, 2022 is a dark day for the British monarchy. It was on this date that the docuseries dedicated to Meghan Markle and Harry was born. Unpublished images and testimonies that set fire to the powder. Visibly angry with the royal couple, Jeremy Clarckson violently attacked the mother of Archie and Lilibet in a column published in the Sun. Annoyed by the Duchess of Sussex, the famous presenter had not minced his words by writing that he dreamed of seeing Meghan Markle “Parade naked in the streets of every city in the UK, while the crowds shouted ‘Shame!’ and would throw excrement at him”.

A “clumsy” reference

Shocking remarks which had aroused strong reactions, including more than 20,000 complaints to the British press regulator, reports Ciné Télé Revue. “Horrified” having “caused so much pain”, Jeremy Clarkson has therefore publicly apologized. He claims that his “reference to (the series) Game of Thrones” was “clumsy”. Of the ” regret ” which the spokesperson for Harry and Meghan did not hesitate to describe as ‘com’ stunt’. Indeed, the latter would not even have bothered to contact the former actress directly in order to apologize verbally.

This Monday, January 16, 2023, the presenter, however, assured the opposite. “On Christmas morning I emailed Harry and Meghan in California apologizing to them”he wrote on his Instagram account before adding: “I said I was confused by what they said on TV but the language I used in my column was shameful and I was deeply sorry.”

In his article, Jeremy Clarkson forgot to mention the reference to the work of George RR Martin. ‘It felt like I was indeed calling for appalling violence to befall Meghan’s head’. Excuses that make people talk.


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